Something from the Ocean and Something from the Hills

2014, 16mm Film Installation

The work is a durational 16mm film project shot in Aomori City (Japan) over three weeks during the Autumn Months of 2014. Starting from the ocean and ending in the mountain, the artist traveled to specific a specific area of the city everyday to document the people and the place during sunset hour, using film as a time stamp to map the land. As the sun sets earlier each day, the film gets progressively darker over time.

The unedited film was presented in the form of an installation at the group exhibition Materials and Mechanism at the Aomori Contemporary Art Centre. The film was divided into three parts and shown at three different phases over the course of the exhibition. During the daytime, the outdoor projection is invisible because of the daylight. As the sun sets in the evening, the image will gradually materialize on the screen.

Short Video Documentation

  • "As You Were" have its North American Premiere in March at CAAMfest, San Francisco.