Untitled Space

2002, Video Installation (animated charcoal drawings with live action video)
Format: Three Channel Video
Length: 6 mins 29 seconds on loop
Audio: Stereo

In the year 2002, a large grass field near where I live in North-eastern Singapore was fenced up for an impending condominium construction. I walked past the field on my way home everyday, witnessing it's gradual transformation. Gradually, I lost a bit of the sky. When the condominium was completed 4 years later, I even lived in one of the unit for a few months. Here I can have a better vantage point; when I look down on the people in the streets, all I can see are a frantic figures in ant-like motion. Having lived in the city all my life, what do I yearn for?

Installation view (digital simulation)

  • "As You Were" have its North American Premiere in March at CAAMfest, San Francisco.